Walker Art Gallery: Joseph Cotgrave: [UD]i

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    Walker Art Gallery: Joseph Cotgrave: [UD]i

    Venue: Walker Art Gallery
    Dates: 24/08/17 - 31/08/17
    Times: All Day

    Joseph Cotgrave: [UD]i

    The Liverpool-based artist Joseph Cotgrave will host [UD]i, a pop-up exhibition in FORUM, inside our exhibiton Coming Out: Sexuality Gender and Identity.

    Joseph’s work evolves out of, and responds to, the legacy of HIV and AIDS activism within the visual arts.

    UD explores migration through biological, physical and digital channels: the biological migration of HIV within the body, the physical movement across cruising grounds and the navigation of digital spaces such as Grindr. Resonating with the artist’s own identification as a HIV positive gay man, UD explores the ways in which identity in gay spaces is misaligned with sex, commenting on the hypersexualisation of gay men and the transition of this phenomenon from IRL and URL


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