Victoria Gallery & Museum: Jasmir Creed – Dystopolis

Victoria Gallery & Museum: Jasmir Creed - Dystopolis
Victoria Gallery & Museum: Jasmir Creed – Dystopolis

Venue: Victoria Gallery & Museum
Dates: 17/11/2018 - 21/04/2019
Times: 10:00 - 17:00

Jasmir Creed – Dystopolis

Victoria Gallery & Museum

University of Liverpool

Sat 17 November 2018 – Sat 21 April 2019

Open Tues – Sat 10am to 5pm

A new exhibition expressing alienation and disorientation in the modern city by artist Jasmir Creed opens on Sat 17 November at the Victoria Gallery & Museum in Liverpool.

Through expressive mark-making and collaged imagery, Jasmir evokes a sense of the isolation and perplexity experienced in urban environments.   To create her work Jasmir immerses herself in cityscapes.  It can be in London, her home town of Manchester or, more recently, Liverpool.  She sees herself as a flâneuse, the female equivalent of the male strollers of 19th century Paris who blended with the crowds while observing others.

Rather than popular landmarks, Jasmir is drawn to places of transit and flux, such as railway stations, or those small unexpected spaces of city greenery.  Places where people stop for a short while before getting on with their lives.  She ponders about their lives and how these passers-by perceive her, if at all.

Further information:

Jasmir Creed, a professional artist since 2015, studied Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art in London.  Recent exhibitions include Urban Forest at Delta House Studios, London in 2017 and her work with Tate Collective on Who are you? was shown at Tate Liverpool in 2016. Imperial War Museum North commissioned a painting from her in 2017.

Victoria Gallery & Museum, Ashton Street, Liverpool L69 3DR

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