Williamson Art Gallery & Museum: A Liverpool Bestiary

    Location (with MAP): Williamson Art Gallery & Museum
    Date/Time: 15 November 2018. 6:00pm - 8:00pm
    Event: Talk - Williamson Art Gallery & Museum: A Liverpool Bestiary
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    An illustrated talk about the creation of ‘A Liverpool Bestiary’, a collection of prints produced by invited international artists on the common theme of actual or imagined animals.

    A Bestiary is a Medieval collection of stories providing physical and allegorical descriptions of real or imaginary animals, along with an interpretation of the moral significance each animal is thought to embody. Whether the beasts of stories are familiar or exotic, these creations usually are symbolic of human beings or of human traits.

    For this talk, project curators Hannah Fray and Neil Morris will be joined by contributor Steve Hardstaff. The presentation will allow you to see and discuss the responses of contemporary artists to this theme and to examine the suite of diverse prints at first hand alongside some ‘beasts from the Williamson basement’.

    Tickets £3 on the door.