Unity Theatre: Old Haunts

Unity Theatre: Old Haunts

Unity Theatre: Old Haunts

Venue: Unity Theatre
Date(s): 19.4.24
Time(s): 16:00


Friday 19th April



Part of the Liverpool Improvisation Festival 2024


Old Haunts is an improvised one act play where we are inspired by the idea that every place has a history and that the past echoes through the drama, the relationships and the emotions that happen in the present. Imagine a school that was built on the site of an old hospital, a bar that used to be a boarding house for criminals, or a house that was once the site of a revolutionary plot.

We will be guided by the “Spirits of the Space” as they paint the scene as it is now, tell the tales of the past, and guide us through the story we are seeing. How will the stories of the past haunt the characters that we see now? That is for our performers and our audience to discover together.

This show was originally created for and performed at Newcastle Improvisation Festival in 2017 and has now been developed and adapted to be fully accessible to an audience with visual impairment. “The spirits” of the show will become fully integrated audio-description – one of the joys of this is that the audio description does not only provide accessibility but it gives new layers of interaction for the improvisers to feed off.

​The Show was created by Open Heart Theatre – a company that was established to produce open and heartfelt improvisation – The most recent adaptation was developed by a range of improvisers led by SaSS Improv director Owen Scrivens in Sheffield.

Performed by: Owen Scrivens + team


Website: www.openhearttheatre.com

Twitter / X: @scrivvyfloor

Quotes: “Excellent character work, an interesting format with great potential”, Phoenix Remix


This show is part of the second instalment of the Liverpool Improv Festival. To find out more and book Full Day / Weekend Access please visit here.