The Trophy Room: Vita Evangelista – ‘Hungry Gorge’

The Trophy Room: Vita Evangelista – ‘Hungry Gorge’
The Trophy Room: Vita Evangelista – ‘Hungry Gorge’

Venue: The Trophy Room Liverpool L8 5SD
Dates: 18/01/2017 - 28/01/2017
Times: All Day

Vita Evangelista – ‘Hungry Gorge’

18.01.17 – 28.01.2017
PV Wednesday 18.01.17:  18:00-20:30

Vita Evangelista is a Brazilian visual artist living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Evangelista holds a BA in Cinema and a BFA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and has participated in shows such as ‘On Stage It’s Bright’, Tilburg, The Netherlands; ‘Voice ~ Creature of Transition’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: And ‘The Unique Institutional Critique Pop-Up Boutique’, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


‘I am interested in the human constant search for meaning in the Self, perfectioning and augmenting our own existence through add-on tools while blurring the boundaries of spirituality and technology.

Looking for a sense of soul in the replica, I reconsider the inessential nature of bots and hoaxes which, born with the intent of representing something idealized as a model, might unveil prefabricated structures of our culture.

In my videos, performances and installations I dissect elements encountered in cultural mass productions in combination with an investigative personal perspective. I create paradoxical situations that aim to alienate contemporary assumptions of identity, sexuality, race, gender and class.

My work seeks to destabilize discriminatory structures of our culture that are often taken for granted, mingling illusion and truthfulness, fiction and reality, while embracing absurdity as an attempt to confuse the rigidity of our positions.’