Surtsey Projects: Space & Sensibility

Surtsey Projects: Space & Sensibility

Surtsey Projects: Space & Sensibility

Venue: Surtsey Projects
Date(s): 19.1.17
Time(s): 18:30 - 20:30

Space and Sensibility is a free event of visual art and performance, showcasing the results of a new collaboration between Liverpool based artists Becky Peach and Frankii Phoenix. It will be held at the new, independent project space Surtsey Projects, found in Gostins Arcade, 1st Floor, Gostins Building, Hanover Street, Liverpool. This is not a ticketed event, and visitors can drop in and out as they please throughout the evening.

Surtsey Projects is a new, independent artist-led studio and project space in Liverpool City Centre, set up by Lily Mellor, Laura Rushton and Devon Forrester-Jones. Surtsey aims to enthuse creativity by initiating new and diverse collaborations across disciplines, which manifest themselves as one-off events. The non-for-profit organisation offers opportunity for creatives, living and working in the city of Liverpool, to experiment in pairs, promoting new dialogues and exchanges. So far, Surtsey have worked with visual artists, musicians, designers, performers and a dog – and hope to expand this diversity further in 2017.

Surtsey Projects currently hold one event per month, which are aimed to showcase the results of new collaborations, developed through residencies in their transitional project space.

Space and Sensibility, Thursday 19th January 2017, 18:30-20:30

Becky Peach and Frankii Phoenix have come together to create a one night only interactive installation, which will activate and unfold on your arrival.

‘When there’s no priest to watch over the performance of the magic rite & ensure that the audience feels sufficiently awestruck (or guilty of not feeling anything), the attempt to bring your art to life and summon the spirit of your ideas in front of an audience can always misfire. And the embarrassment is yours. You stand exposed as a failed conjurer. But this is how it is, and how it can only be, when we reject the false securities of religions: The possibility of total embarrassment is built in the very condition of practising the magic of the mimetic (as art) abide the cult. So what can we do? But embrace it.’
– Jan Verwoert

Frankii Phoenix is a performance artist whose focus is primarily in Live Art and how to engage audiences in new ways by presenting familiar mediums in unusual formats. By doing so she aims to create more visceral and immersive experiences between space, audience, performance and performer.

Becky Peach is a visual artist interested in how art can enhance cognitive ability and bring about personal and collective consciousness. She creates sensory experiences that enable the viewer to take a more active role in their art experience. Inspired by aspects of child’s play, Becky explores how as adults we can still benefit from engaging in play.