The Trophy Room: Vita Evangelista ‘Third Foolish’ Workshop

The Trophy Room: Vita Evangelista 'Third Foolish' Workshop
The Trophy Room: Vita Evangelista ‘Third Foolish’ Workshop

Venue: The Trophy Room Liverpool L8 5SD
Dates: 19/01/2017
Times: 14:00 - 16:00

Workshop with The Trophy Room upcoming artist Vita Evangelista
‘Third Foolish’
Thursday 19.01.2017: 14:00 – 16:00

‘A theatrical performance workshop aiming to build up an abstract story through connecting a series of fragments of personal stories told by the participants.

As a preparation for the workshop, the participants are assigned to think of a short personal story in which they were considered to act foolishly (by others or by themselves). These stories could derive from real life events or they could as well be fabricated.

Third is a fictional character, which is essentially immaterial. They may be human, animal, machine, a inanimate object or a fantastic being.

During the workshop we will together compose the story of Third through a group conversation in which we will share short personal stories in a third person point of view. Each participant has a short time to tell his or her story until the next participant gets a chance to speak. The sequence continues until all the participants have told their stories – which are now the story of our character third. The artist will mediate the conversation, pondering moments when one participant should stop telling their story so the next participant can continue.

Our aim is not to have one linear story or several fragmented linear stories but to embrace the absurd nature of all the fragmented stories that are put together as one.

Please email to arrange a place on this free workshop.

Tea and coffee provided

Please bring a jacket as the space can be chilly.