The Well: 4338

The Well: 4338 The Well: 4338

Venue: The Well Space
Dates: 24/05/2019
Times: 15:30

The exhibition’s title derives from an unfinished science fiction novel by Prince Vladimir Odoevsky (1803-69): The Year 4338: Petersburg Letters and presents new works by artists currently studying MA Fine Art and Liverpool John Moores University.

Drawing on diverse interests in their practices such as science fiction, tradition, organic forms, repetition and mimicry, each artist presents new works. Located in a former factory that has often altered states over the last 20 years; the exhibition identifies links between these transformations, the production of goods in a factory (then and now) and its current use as studios. In 2019 The Well will change again finding a new use or transforming beyond its current state.

Odoevsky capitalised on beliefs that the world would end due to a mistaken projection of a comet strike made in the 1830s. Published in fragments in that decade, the work proposed a money-less society, high speed travel and liquid crystal newspapers. The plot contained in a series of letters follows attempts to prevent the end of the world; an end originating in the unknown. As a basis for this exhibition, the unfinished narrative affords the artists starting points as do the contemporaneous parallel uncertainties within the physical location of the exhibition and the societal future of the country around it.