The Serving Library: Biennial Fringe 2016: Launch – You are *here*

    The Serving Library
    The Serving Library
    Location (with MAP): The Serving Library
    Date/Time: 10 July 2016. 6:00pm - 11:30pm
    Event: Art Event - The Serving Library: Biennial Fringe 2016: Launch – You are *here*
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    You are * here *

    The Serving Library
    India Buildings, 35 Water Street
    Liverpool L2 0RD

    , standing in the middle of a small storefront in the city’s once colorful mercantile district, formerly a vital hub for the international commerce of goods and information. Lately, it hosts a mix of retail and professional spaces, many of them empty. There’s a news agent, a couple of cafes, an electrician’s shop, and a new bar over the road. Though the India Buildings cover a full city block, you stand in one modest space behind a glass facade facing Water Street. The concrete floor (until recently covered in commercial carpet) is now exposed and showing its age. Drop ceilings have been removed, and the walls have been dressed in a new coat of bright white latex. It’s starting to look like something else.


    Please join us SUNDAY 10 JULY 2016 from 6 pm onwards for an extended introduction to the new space and to celebrate the launch of BULLETINS OF THE SERVING LIBRARY #11 which is both printed in and concerned with color.