The Cornerstone Building: Angel Field Festival: Cartographies (Sound Installation)

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    The Cornerstone Building: Angel Field Festival: Cartographies (Sound Installation)

    Venue: Cornerstone
    Dates: 22/03/19 - 25/03/19
    Times: 00:00

    B: This installation will take place in the Cornerstone Foyer at The Cornerstone Building at Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus, 17 Shaw Street, Liverpool L6 1HP and runs from Friday 22nd to Monday 25th March.

    John Lowndes (four-channel sound installation)

    According to quantitative government data, the West Everton area remains one of the most deprived in the country. As important as this information is, the whole story cannot be told in facts and figures alone; lived and aesthetic experience are better explored by other means.

    Despite the fact that, for many community organisers, the recent imposition of the much maligned ‘Universal Credit’ has only added to the problem, strong and established community networks in West Everton continue to assist one another.

    What forms can this assistance take?

    Cartographies documents the composer’s continuing auditory engagements with caring and resisting in the West Everton community. The installation engages with alternative systems of value, collaborative efforts towards shared goals, and forms of community organising that he has encountered in the local area.

    How can forms of interaction and shared values that are not primarily profit-oriented build towards a future? By participating in such practices, do individual and collective subjective becomings take place?

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