SYNDROME – The Happy Jug

SYNDROME - The Happy Jug

SYNDROME – The Happy Jug

Venue: 24 Kitchen Street
Date(s): 27.8.15
Time(s): 20:00 - 23:00

SYNDROME announce new post-human theatre show on trauma, totems and the general election

A collaboration between multi-sensory artist Simon Jones, 3D animator Chris Boyd, sculptor Madeline Hall, musician Kepla and writer Nathan Jones.

premiering August 27th at 24 Kitchen Street
monoliths interpose themselves
to create a grippingly weird, heart-wrenching
theatre piece. a psycho-drama of high personal and political stakes
can the anointing of a totem change the past?
who operates on the social body?
can you reprogram flesh?
a hyper-modern ensemble of verbatim dialogue
intra-diegesic voice and bass treatment by Kepla set to motion-tracked
video composition by Simon Jones and Chris Boyd
and Madeline Hall’s concrete and plaster
as dramatic focal points, enacting
speculative philosophy and
…a small tube of superglue
in Nathan Jones’ text
like a lucky charm sits inside its chest…

adv. tickets available by donation at