Staacks: Helen Smith : Walking the Shore

Staacks: Helen Smith : Walking the Shore
Staacks: Helen Smith : Walking the Shore

Venue: Staacks
Dates: 01/02/2020 - 29/02/2020
Times: 00:00

Helen Smith : Walking the Shore

Helen works with kiln formed glass, creating subtly textured glass pieces as a response to the interplay of light, surface and texture in the landscape and natural world.

This collection focuses on our local coastline and its differing moods, as observed during walks along the shore. Helen does not seek to capture particular scenes, but to evoke a sense of place to which the viewer can bring their own perspective.

Each of these pieces starts with a collagraph printing plate; a piece of board collaged with textures which can be anything from textiles and textured papers to acrylic medium. The printing plate is then used to create a single use mould onto which glass is built up in layers. This is mostly fine glass powder in different colours but may also be very thin lengths of glass (stringers), small chunks of glass (frit) or pre-fired glass powder elements.

Once there are enough layers built up the piece is backed with a sheet of glass and fired in the kiln. After firing (which typically takes around 24 hours) the edges are finished and the panel is sandblasted and sealed before mounting.