Smithdown Social: WowFest: Warn Them of the Danger: Raymond Waring

Smithdown Social: WowFest: Warn Them of the Danger: Raymond Waring

Smithdown Social: WowFest: Warn Them of the Danger: Raymond Waring

Venue: Smithdown Social
Date(s): 20.5.24
Time(s): 19:00


Warn Them of the Danger is a theatrical, visceral collage exploring the boundaries of violence and belief and indeed theatre itself based upon the 1957 story of ‘alien contactee’ James Cooke, from Runcorn, Cheshire.  

Written by Claire Monica Burgess and Raymond Waring, with music by Peter Cattermoul. 

Performed by Raymond Waring 

Drawing from the lives, manifestos and works of James Cooke, Sankichi Toga, Flying Saucer Review, Jack the Ripper, C.A. Conrad, Yoko Ono, Kathy Chang(e), and Daniel J. Clay.  

On 7th September 1957, James Cooke, a furniture salesman, claimed to have been taken from Runcorn, Cheshire by aliens to a planet named Zomdic in a distant galaxy. On Zomdic he is given a stark message for the human race – ‘Warn them of the danger’.  

On his ‘return’ to Earth, Cooke founded ‘The Church of Aquarius’ in Runcorn, dedicated to warning the human race of the danger of nuclear weapons and the destruction of the planet’s ecology.  

First performed at the Horse Hospital, London in 2019.  

Raymond Waring is an actor, writer and director, best known to audiences for his work in the films ’24 Hour Party People’ and ’28 Weeks Later’. In addition to this he played Hillsborough survivor Steve Hart in the award winning ‘Anne’ for ITV.  

Claire Monica Burgess is a poet, writer and translator living and working in Norwich after a long adult love affair with Paris and Berlin. Her work is inspired by and spans ancient mysteries, astrology and the natural world.

Peter Cattermoul is a musician and composer, and member of indie pop band Teleman.  

Monday 20th May, 7pm 


455 Smithdown Road, Liverpool L15 3JL 

Tickets: £5 

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Date: May 20, 2024
Time: 7:00 pm