The Serving Library: On (-)Pentimenti

The Serving Library: On (-)Pentimenti
The Serving Library: On (-)Pentimenti

Venue: The Serving Library
Dates: 09/10/2016
Times: 11:00

On Pentimenti
In tandem with the launch of his monograph No Joke, Sanya Kantarovsky will speak around and about The Librarian (2012), a small oil painting in The Serving Library’s archive of artifacts. The talk will explore the painterly phenomenon of pentimenti – an Italian word used to refer to visible instances of previous decisions underneath the surface of a finished painting. The word’s original meaning, “to repent,” situates this residue of making with the artist’s internal moral compass: a “wrong” precipitates a repentance to a “right.” Naturally, repentance remains an eternally contemporary concern.
Coffee and croissants will be served.
The Serving Library
35 Water Street
Liverpool L2 0RD, UK