ROAD Studios: The Beautiful and the Sublime: An Artistic Enquiry

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    ROAD Studios: The Beautiful and the Sublime: An Artistic Enquiry

    Venue: Road Studios
    Dates: 06/01/17 - 13/01/17
    Times: All Day

    The Beautiful and the Sublime: An Artistic Enquiry 

    ‘The Beautiful and The Sublime: An Artistic Enquiry’ is the first exhibition by Kitty Chew, focusing on landscapes and the ideas of the sublime. The show is a collection of works exploring various great yet often unnoticed natural forms. The show features both recent works and older pieces inspired by the history and culture surrounding idyllic landscapes, through ideas of the beautiful versus the sublime, the desire for ownership of land, and the idea of unspoilt nature. The works shown span a variety of mediums and styles including acrylic paintings, and installation. Kitty often works large scale to compliment the monumental forms found in nature that inspire the idea of the sublime. The idea of the collection is to reflect upon the traditional ideas of the beautiful versus the sublime that are found in the long history of landscape art, and to bring these ideas into the contemporary age.

    Kitty Chew is a fine art student at the University of Oxford whose works focus primarily on landscapes and botany. She is currently working on a series about the colonial view of landscapes and culture, and the negative impact this had upon the lands claimed, and therefore the people. Kitty’s preferred style is often idealised to reflect the nature of the landscapes depicted, to show the beauty of nature without human interference.

    Private view: Friday 6th January 6-9pm 

    Open: Saturday 7th- Friday 13th January 
    View by appointment 

    ROAD Studios
    Top Floor
    69 Victoria Street
    L1 6DE