Rathbone Studio: Pottery Workshops

Rathbone Studio: Pottery Workshops

Rathbone Studio: Pottery Workshops

Venue: Rathbone Studio
Date(s): 30.9.15 - 18.12.15
Time(s): 00:00

Ongoing throughout the year. Join at any time for as long as you wish.

Foundation workshops will explore hand building techniques and decoration.

After mastering the hand building techniques you will progress onto the wheel. Also exploring the different sculptural clays at the Rathbone Studio.

There are usually no more than six people in each workshop, enabling everyone to work at their own pace and ability with the help of the potter.

The two hour workshops will run either in the afternoon, evening or at weekends.

The sessions cost £15.00 per two hour workshop and does include materials and firings.

There are limited places available so please contact Janet Holmes at the Rathbone Studio, 28 Argyle Street, Birkenhead. Ch41 6AE. www.rathbonestudio.com info@rathbonestudio.com