OUTPUT Gallery: Sumuyya Khader

OUTPUT Gallery: Sumuyya Khader
OUTPUT Gallery: Sumuyya Khader

Venue: OUTPUT Gallery
Dates: 17/07/2021 - 30/07/2021
Times: All Day

Sumuyya Khader
July 17 – 30

OUTPUT is delighted to present a new print by Sumuyya Khader, the latest artist to share their work through our series of postal exhibitions.

The artist, illustrator and printmaker has created a multi-layered risograph depicting a woman, her face and shoulders abstracted with bright daubs of colour. The image is headed ’SO SHE tAKES aNOTHER BREATH.’ The back of the print features a poem titled WEARY that ends with the lines, ‘Black bodies please remember, we are joy, we are light.’ You can read the full poem below.

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Sumuyya Khader created the print at Granby Press, her recently-established community organisation in the heart of Liverpool 8. The press focuses on printed material while also developing an archive of black culture and history in the area.

Sumuyya’s distinctive style has become a familiar sight around the Liverpool City Region with significant recent commissions from Liverpool City Council, Everyman & Playhouse Theatres, and the Bluecoat.

We will be releasing an interview with Khader on the OUTPUT podcast very soon.

Instagram: @sumuyya / Twitter @sumuyyaa
Website: www.sumuyyakhader.com


I weep
In dark a room with headphones on I cry
Head low shoulders hunched

Light streams through a crack in the window
Dust floats around me
The air is still

Gold dust woman
Making herself seen

Black bodies please remember

We are joy
We are light