Open Eye Gallery: Now For The Future

Open Eye Gallery: Now For The Future
Open Eye Gallery: Now For The Future

Venue: Open Eye Gallery
Dates: 01/11/2019 - 30/11/2019
Times: 00:00

Shutter Hub have teamed up with Liverpool’s Open Eye Gallery for a thought- provoking international photography exhibition exploring contemporary ideas of myths, folklore and memory. In a time of growing environmental crisis, the exhibition aims to help us visualise a better future.

The exhibition, ‘Now, for the Future’, showcases the work of over 20 creative photographers, sourced from as far afield as Bolivia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Israel, UK, Italy, US, and Portugal.

Now, for the Future explores many unique ideas for creating a visual language which draws from the past and present, while plotting potential roadmaps for the future.

Highlights from the exhibition include Simon Isaac’s poignant work ‘David Come Home’, which explores themes of migration and homecoming. It charts the imaginary journey of a lunar explorer who crash-lands home after three years in space. The story features a NASA spacesuit used in David Bowie’s Blackstar video alongside scenes shot at Iceland’s Svinafellsjokull Glacier, which featured in the film Interstellar. Watch the accompanying 7-minute film ‘Planetary Transition’ on Vimeo. 

Equally interesting is the work of Glasgow-based artist Simona Ciocarlan. Her project ‘They Danced in a Different Way’ vividly explores ideas around nostalgia, national culture and memory, via the traditional dress and rituals of her native Romania.

An Eye on the World

Photography is easily one of the most accessible tools we have to tell personal stories about how we perceive the world around us. We use it to understand others and find common ground, which helps us thrive in an increasingly fragmented world.

Shutter Hub’s Creative Director Karen Harvey outlines the exhibition’s key themes: ‘We’re looking for the myths and fables of today,’ says Karen. ‘Will the stories we tell today survive to be the folklore of the future? We hope that Now, for the Future could be a visual handbook for emotional survival.’

Translations and Transitions

The exhibition has been curated as part of LOOK Photo Biennial at Open Eye Gallery for Open Source in their Digital Window Gallery.

Chapter 2 of the Biennial has two strands: Translate explores how the present can be broken down and interpreted by photography, while Transition highlights creative projects which share perspectives which help us shape the future.

Visitor Information

Now for the Future will run from 1 – 30 November 2019

Exhibition Launch Event: 6-8pm, Friday 1 November 2019
Free Portfolio Reviews: 11- 3pm, Saturday 2 November 2019 (Booking Essential)
Developing a Career in Photography Talk: 4.30pm, Saturday 2 November 2019

Admission is free