Open Eye Gallery: Launch Night: Snapshot to WeChat

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    Open Eye Gallery: Launch Night: Snapshot to WeChat

    Venue: Open Eye Gallery
    Dates: 05/04/18
    Times: 18:00 - 20:00


    6-8PM/ FREE


    Join us for the launch night of Snapshot to WeChat, a new exhibition looking at what is it that we are sharing when we take and post photographs. Free and open to all.

    Worldwide, we share over three billion images on social media every day. ‘Everyday photography’ has a profound impact on how we understand both our own culture and cultures we are less familiar with. This exhibition looks at photographs taken by ordinary people in China and considers how the casual act of taking photos shapes our identity.

    China has seen an unprecedented migration from rural to urban living to support a rapidly expanding economy. As part of Liverpool 2018’s China Dream season, Snapshot to WeChat presents three projects, each examining the modern role of photography and casting some light on life in a rapidly transforming culture.

    Part of China Dream, a branch of Liverpool 2018. Special thanks to Thomas Sauvin, Teresa Eng and Xinyuan Wang.