Open eye Gallery: First Light Spotlight: Networked Beings

Open eye Gallery: First Light Spotlight: Networked Beings
Open eye Gallery: First Light Spotlight: Networked Beings

Venue: Open Eye Gallery
Dates: 08/06/2021
Times: 18:00


The recent leaps in AI technology have coincided with a renewed interest in the extraordinary life and habits of fungi, whose part in the interconnected ecology of the natural world was previously underestimated. Using internet sourced imagery and AI technology, artist Talulla Greenwood proposes a connecting thread between our understanding of the organic networks that connects living things, and the ever increasing capacity for humans to establish new synthetic networks as a means of creation.

For this edition of First Light Spotlight, the panel will be discussing the unseen networks that govern our lives and environment. Hosting the talk will be First Light curator and photographer Mario Popham, who will be joined by Talulla, her tutor Richard Page (Manchester School of Art) and Matthew Thomas (Writing on the Wall/Falmouth University), who will be reading his new text responding to Talulla’s work.

Open Rooms, Open Eye Gallery’s digital events program, will be hosting a season of talks in partnership with Waterside as we approach the launch of the exhibition, First Light – New Northern Photo Graduates in the spring/summer 2021.

The exhibition, devised by Waterside’s Mario Popham, brings together works by 13 photographers who have graduated from the region’s educational institutions in 2020. Open Eye Gallery’s writer in residence, Laura Robertson will be producing a special First Light edition of Tilt (Open Eye Gallery’s in-house zine) featuring 13 commissioned pieces of new writing that responds to the selected photographic works.

This season of talks, chaired by Laura and Mario, will bring together the photographers, writers and educators who are central to this project. Together they will discuss the ideas and inspiration behind the images, the potential for collaboration across disciplines, the relationship between the image and the word and the role educators play in the early development of artistic practice.

Image: Talulla Greenwood

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