My Clubmoor: Clickmoor on Climate

My Clubmoor: Clickmoor on Climate

My Clubmoor: Clickmoor on Climate

Date(s): 15.8.23 - 15.8.24
Time(s): All Day



North Liverpool based photography collective, Clickmoor,  have been working in collaboration with Open Eye Gallery and artists Emma Case and Katherine Monaghan for the past three years. Over this time they have developed not only their practical photography skills but have used the medium as a way to explore ideas around identity, wellbeing and place. As part of the LOOK Lab  programme earlier this year, we invited the group to develop their own work under the broad theme of Climate Change. The group have spent the past five months focusing on areas of climate and sustainability which relate to them personally and within their immediate community.

Themes which emerged included:

  • Imbalance – exploring the imbalance between natural growth and manufacturing growth
  • The impact of rising sea levels
  • The importance of our personal green spaces being habitable for bees
  • Ice caps melting – that global warming is an immediate threat and that we need to act now

Alongside work produced by each member of the collective, Clickmoor came together with young participants from the ‘Through our Lens’ project in late July to discuss climate change and wider conversations ‘what do we want our future to look like?” Through Our Lens is a participatory project with young people and photographer Carolyn Mendelsohn, who like Clickmoor made the majority of their earlier photographic work during and in response to the Covid19 lockdown.

We are delighted to present Clickmoor’s individual work as well as the collaborative work made with Through Our Lens young people as a public realm exhibition on the exterior walls of My Clubmoor (56 Maiden Ln, Clubmoor, Liverpool L13 9AW) and the railings of Larkhill Estate Garden. The work will also be shown on our Digital Window Gallery here at Open Eye Gallery.

Image by Clickmoor member Bill