County Road: Our Home. Our Place. Our Space.

County Road: Our Home. Our Place. Our Space.

County Road: Our Home. Our Place. Our Space.

Venue: Open Eye Gallery
Date(s): 16.8.23 - 2.10.23
Time(s): All Day

Spellow Library and County Road, Walton

From 16 August

Open Eye Gallery’s photographer in residence Lucy Hunter has been working closely with residents from Walton including a group of young people from Walton Youth & Community Project and youth worker Connor Wells for the past year. Over this time, the young people’s photography group, who all live locally, have been meeting weekly to experiment with different cameras and techniques to share their perspectives and experiences. The group enjoyed regular photo walks, experimenting with shadow and slow movement, noticing the way the light and atmosphere changed as the sun began to set. They also focused on the people and places which felt most important to them in their local area.

There is a selection of imagery taken from the group on display at Spellow Library and on the lamp post banners situated along County Road. The work sits alongside a wider selection of photography made during workshops or sessions between Lucy and local residents.

In her interview for Open Eye Gallery Lucy Hunter says:

– We understand that County District has its challenges, and we are not naive to the struggles that are faced by many in the area. However, we have felt very welcomed into the community. Speaking of our experiences, we share a belief that so many locals want to help and share their own ideas and stories. We feel as though the community has really taken us under their wing and into their family. There is so much going on locally, and the sense of identity, connection and pride in this neighbourhood is strong. There are so many amazing organisations within the locality of County Road that engage with, support and encourage locals. When wandering the area we are struck by the evidence of Walton’s history, shown through the architecture, unique details and little clues to what was there before. 

This residency is connected to a wider programme of cultural interventions in the County Road Area, which is part of Culture Liverpool’s Next Generation Neighbourhood Projects. The work is co-commissioned with Open Eye Gallery, and a selection of the work will then tour to the gallery in Liverpool from 28 September – 23 December 2023.

Photographers Sarah Weights and Tricia Grant-Hanlon also assisted with the project, with Sarah also creating the design work for the exhibition.

Images by Walton Youth and Community Project members