MDI: LEAP at Make Liverpool: Project O: Voodoo

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    MDI: LEAP at Make Liverpool: Project O: Voodoo

    Venue: Make Liverpool
    Dates: 11/03/17
    Times: 17:30

    Project O: Voodoo
    A four hour durational work. A space where time stretches and histories expand into the future. A mining of physical movement, the concept of spectatorship and embodiment of both roles. Investigating the production of states within improvisational scores that challenge colonial narratives that live on inside of us. As such, VOODOO will be a cleansing ritual that takes place in front of a live audience. Alexandrina and Jamila (Project O) will pour libations, draw out their demons, stamp feet, break down barriers, pump iron, sweat, eat and put on a show in a clash of tongues, colours, continents and histories. All in an attempt to never be caught, never be trapped, to visit and leave behind their former selves, to move and transform and celebrate the radical power of dance.