Liverpool Biennial: The Stomach and the Studio: Creative Workshop with Erick Beltran

Liverpool Biennial: The Stomach and the Studio: Creative Workshop with Erick Beltran

Liverpool Biennial: The Stomach and the Studio: Creative Workshop with Erick Beltran

Date(s): 21.4.21
Time(s): 16:00 - 18:00

The Stomach and the Studio: Creative Workshop with Erick Beltran
Date: 21st April 2021, 16:00 – 18:00
Location: Zoom
Summary: Designed for young creatives, meet one of this year’s Liverpool Biennial artists, Erick Beltran and make Cumbia rhythms and music.
Details: *For young people in the age range of GCSE to Undergraduate level, this creative workshops and presentations are aimed at people beginning to develop their creative routes.

Meet one of the artists of Liverpool Biennial 2021, The Stomach and The Port. Find out more Erick Beltran as music producer, filmmaker and his project for this year’s Biennial.

Join artist Erick Beltran to mix and make Cumbia rhythms.

The Artist presentation of the Sessions will:

– Introduce Liverpool Biennial, the festival and how we work with international contemporary artists, collectives and practices

– Introduce Erick Beltran’s practice, project for Liverpool Biennial 2021 and the journey have taken to have a creative career.


– The collective will then discuss with the students and young people their own ideas of what they are interested in, or currently doing and offer thoughts and advice.


– The collective will give examples of what they were doing when at a similar age and advice or skills they wish they had.


The Workshop of the sessions will:

-Be a creative exercise in doing, making or thinking that will teach the young people more about the host artist’s practice.


– Create an opportunity for the attendees to develop either a skill, an idea, a process or even just time to think in a creative or contemporary way.

The overall session should leave the attendees with either some things to think about, to do, to question, to see and respond to in their personal creative journey.


About the Artist, Erick Beltran

Erick Beltrán (b. 1974, Mexico City, Mexico) lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. Beltrán analyses and reflects on the mechanisms of thought systems, specifically the relationship of power that exists between the editing process and ways of constructing knowledge. Working with diverse media, such as publication, lecture-performance and installation, Beltrán experiments with the link between public art and diverse graphic languages, investigating the museum, library and the archive as forms of knowledge.

Project for Liverpool Biennial 2021

Erick Beltrán presents graphical drawings and corresponding sound pieces around the Liverpool city centre. Beltrán’s work revolves around his interpretation of forms and figures, which is informed by his research into the intersection between multiple paradigms – Cumbia music, proprioception, quantum physics, the primordial state, the psychopomp and collective psyche. Hinged on his deconstruction of Cumbia, Beltrán brings to the fore that there are multiple ways of being in the world beyond the conventional understanding of the individual. Here, the existence is interpreted by the body through ripples and rhythm – pulling and drawing people in as though they are possessed. Once the unit is overflowed with a multi-layered presence, it transforms into a state that is visually akin to a kaleidoscopic pattern. Different types of ontological frameworks and velocities are central to this narrative, including our perception of frequency, harmonics, bodily knowledge and dream states.

About Liverpool Biennial

Liverpool Biennial is the UK’s largest festival of contemporary visual art. Taking over unexpected and public spaces, historic sites and art galleries, the Biennial has been transforming the city through art for over two decades. The 11th edition, The Stomach and the Port, explores notions of the body and ways of connecting with the world. 50 international artists and two collectives are taking part in this year’s Biennial. A dynamic programme of free exhibitions, performances, screenings and fringe events unfolds over the 12 weeks, shining a light on the city’s vibrant cultural scene.