IB18: The Royal Standard: Schools of The Damned: BYE HUN

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    IB18: The Royal Standard: Schools of The Damned: BYE HUN

    Venue: The Royal Standard
    Dates: 15/09/18 - 22/09/18
    Times: All Day

    Cum 1 cum all

    BYE HUN ushers in the School of the Damned’s incumbent school year, and ushers out the old. BYE HUN symbolizes a swan song, an elegy, a passing of the torch, a graduation and a requiem.

    As two groups who have never met each other submit work by post, pigeon, train and automobile an exhibition evolves and mutates over 7 days before culminating in an Ending.
    An end of year handover show curated by School of the Damned’s Class of 2018.

    SOTD is a year-long alternative art course directed by its students. It was founded as a reaction to the increasing financialisation of higher education.

    The school is constantly redefined by the motives of its students.

    Opening times – 15th – 23rd September 12.00-17.00 (Open Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays. Viewings throughout the week are available by appointment only. Please email standard.royal@googlemail.com for further information.)
    Private view and Closing Party – Saturday 22nd – 19.00 (Performances and Dinner start at 20.00)