IB18: George Henry Lee’s: Your Art’s Worth: Group Crit

IB18: George Henry Lee's: Your Art's Worth: Group Crit
IB18: George Henry Lee’s: Your Art’s Worth: Group Crit

Venue: George Henry Lee's
Dates: 14/09/2018
Times: 12:00 - 15:00

Bring some of your work or a work in progress, maybe even an example of someone else’s work you’ve seen that you’re dying to discuss, and let the critique begin!

A lot of the feedback we receive of our work is when people like it and tell us ‘hey, I like it’ – which is so great! But with tutors, strangers and friends, we sometimes find there’s a lack of useful critical insight and discussion surrounding our works. So let’s Crit! Let’s not be afraid to be genuinely critical, even harsh (although rudeness will not be welcomed, there’s a fine line!).

We want to be asking each other real questions and giving suggestions that can help contribute to the artist and artworks growth and also our own understanding!

Critique isn’t always easy to hear but is almost always invaluable! So, be bold, bring something along and we can get some interesting conversations going and hopefully help each other out a lot!

Booking Required – Max capacity per Crit: 6 people (to avoid painfully long sessions)
Date: Friday 14th Sep
Overflow date: Sunday 16th Sep
Tome: 12-3pm