IB18: George Henry Lee’s: Ula Fung: Mum Said

IB18: George Henry Lee's: Ula Fung: Mum Said
IB18: George Henry Lee’s: Ula Fung: Mum Said

Venue: George Henry Lee's
Dates: 04/10/2018 - 17/10/2018
Times: 09:00 - 16:00

Mum said: Ula Fung

An exhibition combining paintings with some diaries.

Mum Said’ is an exhibition combining paintings and diaries with objects from every day life, focusing on a generation of Women that changed their identities from Chinese to Hong Kong (British) between the 1950’s & 1970’s. Within this work I have featured many every day objects from my mother’s stories. The objects might recount memories of stories that my mother told me, my work not only records those stories but it is my way of trying to stand in my mother’s position. My Mother’s stories.

My Mum was one of thousands of Women that fled Mainland China for Hong Kong. My work talks about how society looked at Women during that time. ‘Mum said’ explores the multiple identities that  women had, from when they were Children, the role they played in the family as they grew up, the expectations of them when they were in love, when they got Married, when they became Mothers and the overall limitations that women faced’