IB18: St John’s Market: Rob Flynn: To Become More

IB18: St John's Market: Rob Flynn: To Become More
IB18: St John’s Market: Rob Flynn: To Become More

Venue: St John's Market
Dates: 14/07/2018 - 08/08/2018
Times: 09:00 - 17:00

Rob Flynn: To Become More explores the human desire to change (mentally or physically) so as to attain unobtainable goals of perfection in ways that don’t always succeed. These attempts are made via constructing a new, perfect form (in this work symbolized by pure white geometric forms) which ultimately fail, whether from a lack of ability or personal dissatisfaction. These perfect forms emerge from organic shapes that represent cocoons as a means of transformation, pushing the attempt toward its end result. This pursuit pushes out, overtaking everything around it.

Robert Flynn is a Liverpool based artist and photographer. His work is inspired by the psychological, the unconscious and fantasies, and by how these aspects inform the human condition. Working across a variety of mediums, he creates work that explores these elements by using a combination of sculpture, costume, new media and installation which he then photographs, so as to separate the viewer from the object/image, distorting their perceptions of it, and presenting it as a (false/parallel) reality.”

The work will be a multimedia installation which includes a paper sculpture that fills up the space (I might redo the cube with a wooden frame for stability) and a tv that shows a sequence of photos.