IB18: St John’s Market: Ali Harwood: Kids That Fly

IB18: St John's Market: Ali Harwood: Kids That Fly
IB18: St John’s Market: Ali Harwood: Kids That Fly

Venue: St John's Market
Dates: 14/07/2018 - 28/10/2018
Times: 09:00 - 17:00

Kids That Fly

Join 23 young pioneers, explorers and innovators framed in flight as they elevate beyond the streets of L15. Alongside its words that aim high, ‘Kids That Fly’ by Ali Harwood may raise your spirits.

The Origins of Kids That Fly

On the 29th August last year, Ali walked round the corner from Tunstall Street, where he’d just ‘hung’ his #23KU artwork on the boarded up houses. Multiple kids were leaping into the unknown, defying gravity and landing on discarded mattresses. Ali asked if he could take photos. They said yes. Ali returned on 2.9.17 to paste up 23 images (with additional design and text) on the walls of Richardson Street and Garrick Street as a triptych. An alfresco urban gallery. The memories of this work remain in situ.


Ali Harwood is an artist, poet, writer and teacher. He searches for the places where myths become real.

Ali’s art appears from the walls of Jamaica Street to the screens of the Queen Elizabeth Hall; his poetry travels from the dance of kathak and its illuminating power to hosting the monthly Liver Bards event; he writes of dragons and stonecutters for all who are young at heart; and he teaches in home and schools by listening for where to start.