IB18: ROAD Studios: How We Look

IB18: ROAD Studios: How We Look
IB18: ROAD Studios: How We Look

Venue: Road Studios
Dates: 07/09/2018 - 16/09/2018
Times: 11:00 - 17:00

ROAD Studios – How We Look , Artists: Jonathan Benson and Louis Jeck-Prestidge (PV 7th) until 16th September

Private view: Friday 7th September 5pm-9pm

Open: Saturday 8th September – Sunday 16th September 11am – 5pm view by appointment

How We Look brings together Wirral Metropolitan College Fellowship program artists Louis Jeck-Prestidge and Jonathan Benson.

Louis Jeck-Prestidge’s work centres around the relationship between found objects and surfaces of the body. These surfaces can be manipulated through various techniques. He uses basic casting techniques to create sculptural work that expresses a hidden and not always obvious bond between the human body and the objects around us. These objects such as kettles, fridges, beds, taps – all of which he finds around the city in skips or just on the floor – eventually become parts of installation pieces in which each individual object combines to form a narrative.

Jonathan Benson’s work is a product of an expanding process, a personal exploration into Western visual culture via destruction, preservation and transformation. Exploring how images of great symbolic, intellectual, and emotional power emerge in Western antiquity and then reappear and are reanimated in art and culture of later times.