IB18: Kirkby Gallery: Cath Garvey: Girl Comics

IB18: Kirkby Gallery: Cath Garvey: Girl Comics
IB18: Kirkby Gallery: Cath Garvey: Girl Comics

Venue: Kirkby Gallery
Dates: 14/07/2018 - 01/09/2018
Times: 09:00 - 17:00

Cath Garvey, Girl Comics, Kirkby Gallery

Under the backdrop of an exhibition of comics by Cath Garvey, the artist will lead a series of workshops focussed on making the comic book world more female focussed. Inviting the young people of Knowsley to Kirkby Gallery, the artist will create new work, and lead others to design new characters, storylines and publications for exhibition in the town’s library.

The comic industry is still male dominant and very biased towards men in both fiction and reality. Cath Garvey’s workshops aim to open options for young artists, and remind them that comic books aren’t just for boys, while teaching them the basics about comics and present self-publishing.

Girl Comics will teach the basics of character creation, with a goal. ‘Bin Juice’, ‘Babe’ and words that define childhood in Knowsley underpin the workshops, building characters from familiar prompts, whether they come from the depths of their creators minds, or their own personal stories, the products will be outlandishly Knowsley, and inarguably unique.

Boys are welcome, but the workshops are about female characters.

Split into two sessions (repeating over the first weeks of the festival), the project reflects Independents Biennial’s outlook, showing artists at work, and demonstrating the active life of the arts in the region. Session one focusses on character creation. Session two will see participants produce their own comic, to take home, and keep on display in the library for everyone to read.

At the end of the workshops, we’ll be publishing some of the comics in this very newspaper’s September issue.

If you’re looking to join in workshops, check the website for full dates in July, and find the exhibition just a two minute walk from Kirkby Bus Station.