Homotopia (Onine): Becoming Mummies

Homotopia (Onine): Becoming Mummies

Homotopia (Onine): Becoming Mummies

Date(s): 28.10.21 - 14.11.21
Time(s): 00:00

Becoming Mummies

A Homotopia Commission

Written and narrated by Jade Anouka and Grace Savage. 

Getting ready to become parents is a daunting task. Add in that both parents are the same sex, and it becomes a whole lot more complicated.  

When Jade and Grace decided to have a baby together, they trawled the internet for resources on queer parenting. Despite having a world of information at the swipe of a thumb and decades of LGBTQIA parents who have pioneered the way, relatable information was seriously lacking.  

In this short audio narrative commissioned by Homotopia, Jade and Grace reflect on their journey so far, their hopes for future queer parents and all that they still have to learn.   

Listen to the audio story on your favourite podcast platform from 28 October, here