Homotopia: Mirror Mirror

Homotopia: Mirror Mirror

Homotopia: Mirror Mirror

Date(s): 12.11.20
Time(s): 18:00


The Royal Anthropological Institute and the RAI Film Festival have teamed up with Homotopia Festival and the Open Eye Gallery to present “Mirror Mirror” (dir. Zemirah Moffat, 2006), a documentary from the RAI catalogue exploring the performances of a queer community centred around Bar Wotever in London.

This bar has, for decades, been dedicated to great queer performance that has a body positive, sex positive and wellbeing focus.

The film presents these issues in a sensitive and nuanced light. We will be joined by the filmmaker, performers, and members of Liverpool’s LGBTQIA community to discuss the film in a live Q&A after the screening.

An online event from Open Eye Gallery 

Tickets: openeye.org.uk 


Suitable for anyone aged 16+. 

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