FACT: you feel me_

FACT: you feel me_ FACT: you feel me_

Venue: FACT
Dates: 01/11/2019 - 23/02/2020
Times: All Day

Opening at FACT on 1 November, you feel me_ invites visitors to an alternative world: a mystical space free from division and bias and a sanctuary for healing. From 360° virtual reality experiences to a neon-lit restaurant orbiting in space, the exhibition brings together multisensory artworks which disrupt systems of power.

We experience power every day. It rules our actions, opinions and responses to the world through systems like education, politics and technology. But who holds this power and who really benefits from it? you feel me_ seeks to challenge the systems we live with, and asks how we can work together to repair, rebuild and restore justice to groups affected by bias. The exhibition aims to allow for other voices to break down the old, and create new, ultimately different worlds.

Presented by FACT Curator-in-Residence Helen Starr, you feel me_ will transform FACT’s galleries into alternative worlds. Interactive artworks will suspend in air, float in a hazy mist and explode onto walls. The immersive exhibition includes artworks across disciplines including ceramics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, video and game design. Exhibiting artists are Rebecca Allen, Megan Broadmeadow, Anna Bunting-Branch, Phoebe Collings-James, Brandon Covington Sam-Sumana, Aliyah Hussain and Salma Noor.