Existential House: The Last Cartwheel

Existential House: The Last Cartwheel
Existential House: The Last Cartwheel

Dates: 22/11/2021 - 06/12/2021
Times: All Day

The Last Cartwheel
Existential House, Birkenhead
Starts Monday, November 22, 2021
Ends Monday, December 6, 2021
Address Unit 1 Woodside Business Park CH41 1EP

The Last Cartwheel uses text and image and is an ongoing daily task based painting project, essentially, making a painting as another task on a daily to-do list. It came about from feeling the pressure to make work alongside all my other domestic and work-related tasks and feeling if I could even put a daub of paint on a piece of paper, I could call myself a painter and get on with my day; doing all the other stuff that isn’t painting but might allow painting to happen again, eventually.

The works are made with whatever is to hand and has connections to a series of works I made after I had children; 1989. My practice had changed from making big paintings in a studio with plenty of time to making A4 work on a desk after the children had gone to bed. As a result, the pieces were collages – using a mixture of painted pieces, current magazines and newspapers and old memorabilia that was hanging around