Editions Ltd: SK Stevens – Unframed

Editions Ltd: SK Stevens - Unframed
Editions Ltd: SK Stevens – Unframed

Venue: Editions Ltd
Dates: 02/11/2017 - 02/12/2017
Times: All Day

S.K. Stevens – Unframed
Private View 5.30-8.00pm 2nd November – until 2nd December

A return to Editions Gallery for Liverpool born artist S.K. Stevens with a solo exhibition of new emotionally atmospheric stripped back land and sea views. The work is spontaneous yet deeply considered, some appear to be made up of thin layered marks where more paint is removed than is left presenting calm , gentle , peaceful elements …yet others retain a thick bold use of paint with a defensive texture that is hard to fight through.

“I am not driven to create a particular view, but will often be inspired by thoughts and memories of time spent in a particular place. My paintings are as much about inner feelings as they are about a physical landscape, they are as much a response to a dramatic sky or the way light falls on the sea as they are to a meaningful conversation had with a friend whilst out on a walk.

I never start out with a specific image in mind, never know what the final image will look like, I can’t tell you how long it has taken to create the painting or how all its marks, colours and textures came to be , all I can do is follow a feeling with paint and see where it takes me. For me painting is about braving the unknown with uncertainty and emotional risk taking, making mistakes and messing it up along the way. Eventually the journey manifests itself in a form that may at first view be a landscape of a physical nature but ultimately is one of an emotion.”

We hope in this collection you will find “a place to be” that connects with a memory or a feeling that is just yours.