Editions Ltd: The Edge of The Lands – Clare Flinn

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    Editions Ltd: The Edge of The Lands – Clare Flinn

    Venue: Editions Ltd
    Dates: 23/02/17 - 25/03/17
    Times: All Day

    The Edge of The Lands – Clare Flinn

    Private view – Thursday 23rd February 5.30-8.00pm – until 25th March

    “Did sea define the land or land the sea?”
    (Seamus Heaney)

    Clare Flinn’s subject matter switches between the man made shapes of the city and the organic form of the landscape. However, her preoccupations as a painter remain constant and are to do with light and colour, texture and surface marks. For this reason, her other interest is in Print-making.  She studied Fine Art at Wirral Metropolitan College, where she also undertook a Print-making Fellowship.

    Clare’s work shows an intense emotional relationship with her subject matter letting the medium describe and dictate the form and mood.

    These are a recent series of paintings and prints from around Ireland and Britain.

    ” I am drawn to wild places at the edges of our lands: layers of rock laid down through millennia, the timelessness of the tides, the sea with its promises of life and death, migrations and separations. “