Corke Art Gallery Impressions of Landscape

Corke Art Gallery Impressions of Landscape
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Corke Art Gallery Impressions of Landscape

Venue: Corke Gallery
Dates: 07/06/2018 - 23/06/2018
Times: All Day


IMPRESSIONS OF LANDSCAPE brings together three very different artists, Clare Flinn, Huw Lewis Jones and Clement McAleer, each with very different backgrounds and experiences.

All three artists are devoted to painting full time and passionate about their desire to reproduce in paint the landscapes they have seen and recorded in study sketches, in photographs and occasionally through plein air painting.

The choice of the scenes painted are very personal.  Each painting is the result of a decision to commit themselves to finding the best way to record in paint the grand vista or more intimate scene they have selected using a range of techniques using brushes and palette knifes.

The Corke Gallery is open between 10am – 2pm ThursdayFriday and Saturday and the IMPRESSIONS OF LANDSCAPE exhibition runs until Saturday the 23 June 2018.