The Art of Reggae Exhibition

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    The Art of Reggae Exhibition

    Venue: Constellations
    Dates: 01/06/16 - 15/06/16
    Times: 10:00 - 23:30


    Free admission (entry is subject to venue opening times and other events taking
    place at the venue)

    The International Reggae Poster Contest (IRPC) and Positive Vibration, Liverpool’s
    Festival of Reggae, are to host The Art of Reggae Exhibition, featuring 100 reggae inspired
    posters designed by artists and illustrators from across the globe.

    The IRPC, now in its fifth year, receives thousands of entries each year – and the best of
    the bunch will be on display on the walls of Baltic Triangle venue Constellations, from 1st
    June – 15th June. Reggae may have originated in Jamaica, but this exhibition celebrates
    the truly global sound of modern reggae, with entries from such disparate countries as
    Greece, Israel, Japan, Cuba and Iran. This powerful synergy of reggae music and art is
    proof, if it were needed, that Jamaica’s finest export has touched the hearts and minds of
    billions with its positivity and radiance.

    The exhibition, which makes its debut in the UK, is set to give Constellations a Caribbean
    glow, and Wednesday 1st June will see a launch party for the exhibition from 7pm – 11pm, with free entry to view all 100 posters, alongside reggae DJs and Caribbean food and drink – a fitting warm up for the Positive Vibration – Festival of Reggae on 10th and 11th June.

    Displayed posters will be auctioned throughout the exhibition for collection after 15th June, with profits donated to Alpha Boys’ School, the vocational institution for
    underprivileged youths located in Kingston, Jamaica and founded in 1880 by the Sisters of
    Mercy. The school is a great Jamaican success story, producing some of the most notable
    legends in the history of reggae, including Don Drummond of the Skatalites, Desmond
    Decker and Yellowman. This remarkable institution should be celebrated and supported by
    all those who admire and love reggae. Without this fertile training ground we might not
    have this global music we call reggae.

    The opening of the exhibition will also see the launch of the festival’s official beer – One
    Love Pale Ale. The beer, a collaboration between Positive Vibration and Liverpool- based,
    Black Lodge Brewery, is a toast to the late, great Derek Serpell-Morris aka DJ Derek. The
    much loved DJ was a long time champion of reggae music and played his last ever
    Liverpool gig (before he retired) for Positive Vibration organisers, Rebel Soul. The beer is
    named after Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’, the song Derek used to finish his DJ set with.
    All proceeds from the sale of the ale will be donated to Trinity Centre – a not-for-profit
    organisation based in Bristol which aims to engage the local community through music, art
    and other creative industries.

    The exhibition has been kindly supported by Arts Council England.