CBS: Counsel: When Filler Becomes Form

    Location (with MAP): CBS Gallery
    Date/Time: 24 November 2016. 6:00pm - 9:00pm
    Event: Exhibition - CBS: Counsel: When Filler Becomes Form
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    When Filler Becomes Form

    An exhibition by Slovenian artist Matej Tomazin, hosted by Counsel to extend SCAFFOLD Gallery’s The Great Unanswered Questions project. This project asks artists to explore an unanswereable question, and then use that research to generate form. Counsel is hosting this exhibition to extend Matej’s enquiry into this topic.

    This exhibition will be accompanied by a talk from the artist exploring what it means to create finite works from unending research.

    24 November at 18:00–21:00

    Crown Building Studios
    57-59 Victoria Street, L1 6DE Liverpool