CASS ART: Beginners Modern Calligraphy workshop

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    CASS ART: Beginners Modern Calligraphy workshop

    Venue: Cass Art
    Dates: 13/07/19
    Times: 14:30

    In our 2 and half hour Beginners Modern Calligraphy workshop at CASS ART Liverpool, we’ll be starting from the very beginning covering the fundamentals of this modern and versatile style of calligraphy using a dip pen and pot of ink. We’ll start by looking at the alphabets learning the varying pressure strokes to create that characteristic style then moving onto joining up the individual letters to create words and then we look at the layout and spacing elements of calligraphy.

    Included is your Starter Kit of dip pen, nib, upper and lower alphabets, practice trace sheets and design layout sheets to start putting some more character into your lettering plus Refreshments – no need to bring anything on the day.

    July 13th // 2:30pm // £42 // 2 and a half hours // Includes Starter Kit & Refreshments