Bluecoat: A Solid Relic in a Glazed-over City

Bluecoat: A Solid Relic in a Glazed-over City
Bluecoat: A Solid Relic in a Glazed-over City

Venue: Bluecoat
Dates: 07/06/2017
Times: 18:30

A Solid Relic in a Glazed-over City

Wed 7 Jun, 6.30pm
Free, booking advised

Though in existence for 300 years, Bluecoat’s apparently fixed presence at the heart of Liverpool belies the building’s dynamic nature. This panel discussion examines the nature of constructed space, the processes that have shaped Bluecoat’s architectural evolution, its role in public life and the central presence of art.

A panel chaired by Emma Curtin (Lecturer in Architecture, University of Liverpool), reflecting architectural, arts and social perspectives, will explore how spaces like Bluecoat develop. Hans van der Heijden – formerly of Biq Architecten – will talk about the challenge of designing new spaces for contemporary art in an historic building, with reference to the 2008 Bluecoat refurbishment he led that created a new arts wing.

Anne Harild, former ARMA artist in residence at Bluecoat in 2015, will provide an artist’s perspective on the building and the intersection between her own work and the physical environment around us. Her work is rooted in an exploration of the organised urban environment, the grids and textures that make up contemporary cities and structure and shape our lives within them.

Bluecoat’s Sociologist in Residence Paul Jones will give his insight into the rapidly changing urban environment that surrounds and impacts on the arts centre.