Bluecoat: Introduction to Etching

Bluecoat: Introduction to Etching
Bluecoat: Introduction to Etching

Venue: Bluecoat
Dates: 15/11/2019
Times: 11:00 - 17:00

Introduction to Etching

Fri, 15 Nov 2019 – Sat, 07 Dec 2019
11.00 AM – 5 PM

Introduction to Etching

Learn all about the etching process using our over 100 year old etching press in our Intaglio studio. On the day you will be shown how to create a hard ground and soft ground etching. The process begins by you coating a metal plate with a waxy resist which you draw into to expose lines, these lines are then submerged into a copper sulphate solution which eats away at the line creating an indent. Special etching inks are then pushed into the lines on your metal plate and when printed on the etching press using damp paper creates an etching. This technique is a must for people that draw and enjoy line work but also a fascinating technique to experience. No prior experience required.

We are a safe etching facility so all the chemicals that are used are safe and once you have completed the course you can come back and hire the space to keep on printing.

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This season, Introduction to Etching occurs on the following dates:

Fri 15 November 

Sat 7 December

All courses run between 11am – 5pm

Tickets: £60 / £50