Bluecoat: dot-art: Beginners Digital Photography

Bluecoat: dot-art: Beginners Digital Photography

Bluecoat: dot-art: Beginners Digital Photography

Venue: Bluecoat
Date(s): 26.3.17
Time(s): 11:00 - 17:00

Beginner Digital Photography – dot-art at the Bluecoat

Sunday 26th March, 11am – 5pm, £40


Develop your photography skills in this introductory one day course, covering the basics of digital cameras and an overview of Exposure and Composition with a practical workshop of People and Place.

Photography is an ever evolving practice of technical craft and creative flair. The basis of a good image lies i combining both the art and science. In this workshop we will aim to balance the theory with practical.

Don’t forget your camera!

Theory morning

In the classroom environment we will cover the basics of Exposure and Composition.

  • Understanding digital files
  • Exposure values. Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
  • Sensor Metering
  • Lens Focal Length
  • Crop Factor
  • Rule of Thirds

Practical Afternoon

In the local environment of Liverpool city centre we will practice capturing People and Place.

  • Portraits (natural and staged)
  • Urban Landscape (wide and details)
  • Street Photography (combining people in place)

This course allows anyone with the desire to take a goodphotograph the opportunity to improve their skills, consolidate their knowledge and share experience in an open and creative environment.

Tutor: Bryn Davies

Bryn Davies is an award winning Fine Art Photographer, accredited by the British Institute of Professional

Photography and current Photographer of the Year. Based locally, Bryn has exhibited internationally and contributed to Liverpool festivals such as LOOK/15 and the Independents Biennial in 2012.


Sunday 26th March, 11am – 5pm


Bluecoat, School Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BX

Situated in the centre of Liverpool, just behind Church Street, down Church Alley and in front of Liverpool ONE. You can enter the building via the front courtyard off School Lane, or through the garden at the back off College Lane. Nearest train station- Liverpool Central.



£40 per session. You will need to bring your own camera.