The Black-E: WoWFest17 – Time for Action

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    The Black-E: WoWFest17 – Time for Action

    Venue: The Black-E
    Dates: 06/05/17
    Times: All Day

    On the 6th May, WoWFest 17 will be having a day-long event, as well as an extra event in the evening. We have assembled a stunning line-up of front-line writers, authors, journalists, broadcasters, film-makers, commentators and performers who are exposing the lies and hypocrisy of the media and political elite, and exploring and inspiring new ways of organising and alternative ways of living in this ever-changing, politically-charged environment. Whatever your views on Brexit, Trump, current politics and culture, WoWFest 2017 is a platform and a safe space for people from diverse walks of life to come together to express their views, build networks, and seek answers to the questions: ‘Where are we now, and where do we go from here?’

    This event will be held at the Black-E.

    The daytime portion of event will begin at 1pm and tickets will cost £8/£4. The evening portion will begin at 8pm and the tickets will cost £12/£6. All tickets can be purchased here:

    Please visit our website for more details: