Art in Windows: Intricate Intimacy: Edna Thearle

Art in Windows: Intricate Intimacy: Edna Thearle
Art in Windows: Intricate Intimacy: Edna Thearle

Dates: 08/04/2018 - 08/05/2018
Times: 07:30 - 23:00

Edna Thearle

Dates: 8 April – 8 May, 2018

Location: 5 Bold Place, Liverpool, L1 9DN

Times: 07:30 to 23:00 daily (viewing from street)

Designer-Weaver Edna Thearle has an on-going, life-long interest in textiles. In Intricate Intimacy she displays four unique scarves or wraps using a variety of yarns and dye to explore texture and colour. In the larger window to the left each scarf is woven on a white silk warp but with a different white weft: Mohair, Italian Silk Boucle, and Looped Mohair. By keeping to a strict, one-colour palette, Thearle encourages us to focus on the delicacy and infinite but barely noticeable variations intrinsic to the craft processes involved in these works’ creation.

In the smaller window to the right is displayed one pink silk scarf that also highlights the subtlety of hand crafted works by incorporating a range of pinks made possible by Thearle’s hand dyeing skills.

Always seeking new inspiration, the weaver has explored the texture of silk and mohair yarns, and synthetic dyes to create the pink colour palette. Inspiration determines the design and the challenges that are presented for the process of construction of hand-woven textiles on a 16 shaft Harris table loom.

Edna Thearle is a designer-maker, based in Ainsdale, Merseyside, whose interest in textiles encompasses fashion, hand and machine embroidery, dyeing, and weave.   She also has a keen interest in Art History and Curating, and exhibitions in alternative spaces.

Art In Windows is a small organisation that works with landlords and artists to commission and curate temporary and permanent art works for display in empty windows in and around Liverpool.