Art in Windows: Beached

Art in Windows: Beached
Art in Windows: Beached

Venue: Art in Windows
Dates: 02/09/2019 - 30/09/2019
Times: 00:00


An exhibition by Nerissa Cargill Thompson
Dates: 2 – 30 September, 2019
Location: 5 Bold Place, Liverpool, L1 9DN
Times: 24/7

Beached, an installation by environmental artist Nerissa Cargill Thompson, highlights the issue of plastic pollution. It invites us to consider the packaging that we use and discard on a daily basis; objects such as drinks bottles, styrofoam cups and food wrappers that are so lightweight and seem so insignificant that we barely notice them.

Casting concrete in actual litter and using large scale photographs printed on advertising board, Cargill Thompson cleverly plays with material, scale and presentation to give this waste a greater physical and psychological presence that mirrors the seriousness of the ecological catastrophe we are creating with them. A coke bottle becomes an impossibly solid, gravity defying Zeppelin and a Calypso juice box looms up like a post-Apocalyptic tower block without doors or windows – revealing the disconnect between the allure of the objects and the harm they cause.

Beached expands upon this disconnect with beautifully detailed embroidery showing our waste being superficially subsumed by nature. However, the pretty, colourful lichens, seaweed and molluscs fail to obliterate the hulking, grey, concrete bottles that peer out from beneath them. The damage we are causing to planet earth and ourselves may be hidden but it is there nevertheless and needs our immediate attention.