Art in Windows: Adrift In Transient Spaces

Art in Windows: Adrift In Transient Spaces

Art in Windows: Adrift In Transient Spaces

Venue: Art in Windows
Date(s): 3.3.20 - 31.3.20
Time(s): All Day

Adrift In Transient Spaces

Karis Hopkinson

Dates: 3 – 31 March, 2020
Location: 5 Bold Place, Liverpool, L1 9DN
Times: 24/7

Karis Hopkinson’s installation, Adrift In Transient Spaces, draws upon her interest in the nature of place. She focuses on the history and romanticism of the painted landscape and the graphic language of advertising in cities, and the tensions between the texts and images used to create / describe them. Hopkinson is fascinated by the sensuality of word as image and the question of how we read text vs image, with the written and visual languages often overlapping and intruding upon each other.

Adrift In Transient Spaces suggests a new visual language by boldly contrasting familiar elements in unfamiliar combinations. It embraces the kitschy residue of landscape-painting’s romantic motifs, while simultaneously connecting it to the language of advertising and modernity; as if the Sunday supplement is collapsing in on itself with the disintegration of one type of language becoming the basis of another one.

By playing with the familiar, Hopkinson manages to create the unfamiliar and unknown. Texts, colours and ambiguous shapes are presented in a way that disrupts our conditioned, sensual understanding of landscapes. As we peer through this window onto her different vision of the world, constructed of signs, symbols and allusions, we are given a visual jolt by her challenge to our expectations.

Karis Hopkinson is a visual artist based in Sheffield. She works primarily in digital drawing, but also explores video, installation and sculpture. Hopkinson has a unique graphic visual language and aesthetic, developed out of her interest in a series of contrasting ideas surrounding landscape, environment, text and image. She received her BA in Painting in 2017 and is currently working on a MFA. @karishopkinsonart

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