VG&M: Homotopia: Andrew Fekete, Out of Time

VG&M: Homotopia: Andrew Fekete, Out of Time
VG&M: Homotopia: Andrew Fekete, Out of Time

Venue: Victoria Gallery & Museum
Dates: 18/11/2016 - 22/11/2016
Times: All Day

Out of Time invites you to join Andrew Fekete on this journey through his paintings, drawings and diaries, starting with his formative years in Liverpool and ending with his final, unfinished image.

Andrew Fekete: Out of Time

18th November 2016 – 22nd April 2017

Andrew Fekete arrived at the University of Liverpool in September 1972 to pursue his studies in Architecture. Just fourteen years later he would be dead, his life tragically cut short by an AIDS-related illness. Yet during these few brief years, he embarked on a remarkable voyage of self-discovery through his prolific painting and writing.

Fekete was both fascinated and troubled by his inner life and the mental lives of others. He often went without sleep for days to induce a trance-like state in which to create his paintings. The images he produced are visual representations of the landscapes of his mind: mysterious, frightening and beautiful. The paintings became both self-expression and self-therapy.

There will be a series of free events to accompany this exhibition, inspired by Andrew’s life and work. Find out more about the events here

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