92degrees Coffee: Interrupted Conversations, John Hollingsworth

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    92degrees Coffee: Interrupted Conversations, John Hollingsworth

    Venue: 92 Degrees Coffee
    Dates: 30/04/17 - 31/05/17
    Times: All Day

    92degrees Coffee
    Interrupted Conversations, John Hollingsworth

    All these portraits started with a conversation. Sometimes the picture is taken in a way that feels as if it’s an interruption. 

    I get to interact with different kinds of people and travel to fascinating places. As a curious man who thrives talking to new people, photography gave me an excuse to explore.

    I first picked up a film camera in my mid thirties and it was an instant love affair with everything to do with the process. Working with musicians at the time my initial subjects were the people I found around me. 

    It didn’t take long to take the camera out onto the streets inspired by the work  of  Anton Corbijn, Robert Frank , Diane Arbus and William Eggleston. 

    They all work so differently I focused on blending the elements that excited me.Twenty years later I think I’ve managed to get a bit closer to what I was searching for, but there is still a way to go.

    Despite being gregarious I need solitude to live and work. Maybe that’s why the most satisfying of all the photographs taken are the solo portraits.

    It didn’t take long to realise travel was vital to find the people I really wanted so my journeys began .The characters exhibited here were discovered 

    in Liverpool, New York, London and Pine Ride South Dakota over the last year. Most days I go out with my camera and try to have a conversation. 

    Some days it talks back and these are a few of the conversations I liked. 

    If you’d like to have a bespoke solo portrait I’d be very happy to talk to you with my camera via the website bellow.